Current Technology Moves to Making Something Out of Nothing

 Current Technology Moves to Making Something Out of Nothing

You’ve heard of it I am sure. 3-D printing has arrived – the process of making a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. It is being used to make exact reproductions of things from human tissue to cars.

Although the technology has been around since the early 80’s, like all things tech, it has become cheaper and easier to use, and now it is the hot new thing to be talking about. A few years Latest trends and news in technology  ago, I watched a video where a printer set up in the desert, used solar energy for power, and sand as the building base, to produce beautiful glass objects.

Star Trek fans, does this sound vaguely familiar? We appear to be getting closer to birth of the Star Trek food replicator.

It might also remind you of something else, something more inclusive, and perhaps more elusive and harder to understand.

What about this: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Bible John 1: 1

Isn’t the ability to print 3-D objects out of almost nothing, a taste, a clue, a breadcrumb, leading us to a better understanding how it could be that an omnipresent Intelligence-often called God-could create the heaven and the earth, and man and woman made in his image and likeness, simply by thinking it?

Isn’t the technology that is making something out of-almost-nothing, simply a more comprehensive symbol of how this concept could be the Truth?

Our human minds have a hard time grasping ideas that are so far beyond our five senses’ awareness and understanding. I can’t really understand how 3-D printing works, but I can believe that it does, because I see the outcome.

Even more so, I can’t conceive how divine Mind works, but I can believe that it exists, because I can see the outcome. I can understand enough to be aware that the ideas of divine Mind made visible, are all the ideas that make up every aspect of Life.

Using 3-D printing as my own model to understanding, I can translate the infinite into a bite size understanding of how an idea becomes a visible object, in the image and likeness of the original model.

In our everyday life, we understand how this works don’t we. We have an idea, and carry it to fruition. In our creative life, we have ideas and develop them into the world as an expression of who we are.

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