Airsoft Guns – How They Work

 Airsoft Guns – How They Work

Airsoft guns have unique designs, much like any other device, and they incorporate various mechanisms to fire ammunition. Based on their varied mechanisms, 38 super ammo  these guns can be classified into three broad types- spring, electric and gas. Small sphere shaped pellets of around 6 or 8mm are used as ammunition in these types. These pellets are made of plastic in most cases, but many lead coated ones are also available. They are made to be replicas of real guns and in that sense are different from paintball guns. The working methods of the three types of sports equipments are briefly explained below.

Spring airsoft guns

As the name suggests, spring airsoft guns work with the help of springs to propel the pellets out of the barrel. Spring guns are neither semi-automatic nor automatic, since you need to cock the gun before firing it. This cocking action involves pulling the slide backwards, which makes the spring ready for its next shot. Once the spring is activated, the trigger is pulled, the spring is released and the pellet is shot through the barrel. The spring guns are known for their simplicity and are much less expensive than other types of equipments.

Electric airsoft guns

Electric airsoft guns are also known as AEGs (airsoft electric guns) and like spring guns, also use springs as propellants. The only difference here is that the spring is powered not manually but by a battery. As a result, these guns are mostly automatic or semi automatic. Also these are the more powerful than the spring guns and shoot at a much higher velocity. Of course, there are spring guns that shoot at higher velocities, but they are too expensive and do not deliver the performance what the electric guns do.

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