Market Research With Google Insights

 Market Research With Google Insights

Everything we do requires data to measure and analyse how effective our campaigns are. If we spend $10,000 on marketing for a product campaign, we want to kno w exactly how much of an increase in search traffic and response we received in that time period.

Enter Google Insights for Search

Google’s valuable marketing research tool has been created to provide marketers with specific data about how a search term alters over time according to your efforts. This can be useful when you’re developing a brand and want to see if people are more interested in your brand.

* Determining Value of a Search Term – One of the most effective ways to use Insights for Search is when trying to determine keyword value. For example, if you were trying to choose between cost, value, and ease of use for a new product, you could research them all in Insights.

You’d then be able to see which of those three terms, in combination with a brand or niche, has more search volume and maintains consistent data over time.

* Time Frames – Another valuable tool of Insights for Search is being able to see how something performs over a specific time period. For example, you’d want to avoid keywords or niches that perform only in the summer.

With Internet marketing, the value of a campaign is largely in how consistently it can sell. And if we do end up marketing seasonal products, we like to know exactly when the peaks and valleys are in interest so we can adjust our ad spending.

* Associations – If you’re in a new niche and need to determine what words and phrases are most commonly associated with the niche, you can use Insights to research related and rising searches.

For example, if you were trying to market a product in the World of Warcraft niche, you might learn that common search terms like “alliance”, “horde”, “paladin”, and “leveling” are all common with the main keywords.

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