Why Are Your Dogs Chewing on Furniture – Stop it Today!

Why Are Your Dogs Chewing on Furniture – Stop it Today!

For many owners dogs chewing on furniture and shoes is a nightmare, but for a dog it’s one of the most natural things to do. Dogs chew for a few different reasons, some why is creed perfume so expensive  do it because of boredom and habit some do it because of anxiety issues and food problems.

To help cure boredom chewing, make sure that your dog is not left for long periods as even the best behaved dog will rebel and find something interesting to do, even chewing on a wall which makes no sense at all to us. Remember some dog breeds will be worse with boredom than others as some breeds were bred to work like Border Collies and Labradors.

If you go to work for long periods try and see if a friend, neighbor can help or hire a dog walking service to come and stimulate your dog. Some of the kennels do dog day care, this may cost you a little money but well worth it if boredom is making your dog chew.

Dogs love to chew on things they would find in the wild that’s food related, so be very careful of those really expensive leather shoes, belts and coats. Dogs can also go for unusual things like socks if they are made from wool or rip tea towels apart because we wipe our hands on them smelling of food. Keep these things well out of the way or set up situations with these items and reprimand to teach them not to touch them.

You will also find that dogs chew when they get anxious and it generally happens when you have left the home for periods of time. This is called separation anxiety,your dog is anxious and worried because you have left the pack and have no protection. If your dog is chewing on furniture because of separation anxiety there is a problem with leadership between you and your dog that needs reversing, training your dog is a must to sort this problem it will not go away.

To check if your dog has separation anxiety, pretend to leave the house lock the door and wait outside, if you find that you have barking and crying these are signs of anxiety and your dog is calling you back to the pack, when you don’t come back this is when destruction can happen.

Top Tips To Help Dogs Chewing

1. Cut down the dogs territory, having too much territory to protect can really freak some dogs out, so giving them the full run of the house isn’t always a great thing. Dogs would have a small confined den like space to sleep in when in the wild they would not choose to sleep in an open field. Providing a dog crate which is den like is great. ( In

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