Analyzing the Link Building Campaign Results

 Analyzing the Link Building Campaign Results


Today, the major concern of clients when outsourcing link building campaigns is “How soon  linkwizards their links would get recognized by search engines,” or “How quickly they can expect improvement in rankings.” This is because the time involved in getting links and seeing improvement in ranking can be evaluated through the speed with which links are recognized. This in turn helps to estimate the ongoing cost of link building campaign. However, any difference in the marketing activity shows varied results. To understand the different campaign results, let us discuss two scenarios.

Scenario 1 –
We know that search engines index fresh content fast. And the best places to get new content are blogs because they are dynamic- updated on a regular basis by the author. As a result any link in the blog post will get indexed by the search engines very soon after implementation.

Thus, to implement link building campaign we contact large number of bloggers to write about our website and take link back to our website. This approach provides quality links, good exposure and boost in traffic.

Fresh content receives traffic and increase website visibility due to fast indexing however when blog gets old, it loses its boost. And soon it gets buried deep in archives and the value of link get diminishes. This results in instant decline in traffic.

Scenario 2 –

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