Port Stanley Charm

 Port Stanley Charm

A diverse cluster of settlers poured into Southwestern Ontario by a meandering inlet on the Lake Erie shoreline early in the 1800’s and established a prosperous New Port Residences s little community called Port Stanley. This small yet busy harbour was founded in 1804 by John Bostwick, who established and operated both a mill and warehouse. Today, this prosperous artistic fishing village is rich in charm and history offering generous resort living hospitality year round.

King George VI Lift Bridge
There are several very unique attractions in Port Stanley. Most notably, right in the heart of town, the oldest lift bridge in Ontario – King George VI Lift Bridge. The bridge is the essence of elegant simplicity and engineering magnificence.
It is known as a bascule bridge – meaning it is so finely counterbalanced that in the event of an emergency it can be raised and lowered manually(1). A parade of high mast sailboats, luxury cruisers, and commercial craft vessels can be seen passing below the bridge during the navigation season. A brass plaque on the east tower capture tourist attention by revealing a 1937 tragedy where during construction, 8 of the13 men working were killed.

The Port Stanley Terminal Railroad
A road linking Port Stanley port to neighbouring towns was constructed in 1822 to accommodate the droves of immigrants landing on the North Shore of Lake Erie. In 1844, there were as many as 148 boats recorded in the busy little harbour. By this time in history, there was a vast rail network spreading across North America and in1856 Port Stanley was linked with a new enterprise – The London and Port Stanley railway (L&PS). The L&PS thrived and brought close to a million vacationers a year to the village. Today, tourist can revisit the past and ride in an authentic completely rebuilt and refurbished L&PS railcar circa 1940. Operated by volunteer crews, after overcoming a barrage of hurdles, a group of railway advocates rescued the abandoned railway following a 1982 washout of the tracks. Today there are over 400 departures per year that take place beginning in March and operate well into December with various special rides; including, Easter Bunny Express, Murder Mystery Train rides, and Santa Workshop Tours.

Port Stanley Festival Theatre

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